Training for the Acting Battlefield!

Change it up!

There's no doubt about it. Times have changed. Business has changed. Life itself, has completely changed. As actors, we are supposed to be on the forefront of the industry, and understand any shifts within it. The only problem with that, is it can be a job within itself. Actors are unlike any other artistic professional out there. We literally do everything for our careers, by ourselves. Many times, we're unaware of the mistakes we've made until it's too late.

Training, staying up to date via workshops, and classes is no different. With new coaches, managers, agents, and so-called "experts" popping up everywhere, on a daily basis-one can tend to feel a little lost... It can become a daunting task to find even the simplest form of training. Even if a person feels like they've been able to locate and cull through the chaff to spot a good class, usually the result means that another area of your career is not being cultivated.

That's exactly why the Voxernauts created the "Mic Check" workshop! As a "Specialty Class" to be added to an actors arsenal, it was designed to build and add to what your unique acting skills/traits are. By encompassing them to what the current trends are with on-camera, voice over, motion capture, looping/ADR, and even action/stunt work. Taught by