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These services were created to help you move your career forward. Now let's get to work! How can the Voxernauts help?...



Show what you can do, and get hired!

  • Acting

  • Action

  • Action Thriller

  • Hand to Hand

  • Ballsitics, Firearms, and Rifles

  • Weapons (Swords, Daggers, etc.)

  • Drama

  • Comedy

  • Movement for Motion and Performance Capture 

  • Facial Capture

  • Martial Arts

  • Sports and Fitness


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*All props, weapons, safety gear, and even some wardrobe/costumes are provided with purchase! All reels are shot in HD, with proper lighting, and a crew will be at your beck and call during your shoot day. Make-up and Editing included.

In today's time, Casting Directors, Agents, and Clients want actors who can showcase their talent. The majority of the time, a decision to audition, send forward, or hire an actor is made just by seeing one of their reels. An actors reel is essential to getting hired, however-having a bad one, is worse than not having one at all. Make sure that doesn't happen to you!

Edit and Go!

Already have footage showcasing your talents, but need some quick, pro, and modern, editing swag added to it?... The Voxernauts have you covered! Simply  make your purchase, then upload your media here, with your directions, and we'll get on it! Sound, Visual effects, and Music, may have an additional charge.

*Please be as detailed as possible.


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At some point in time, every single actor needs access to self taping their own artistic creations for project submissions. Don't have  the gear, mic, or location? The Voxernauts are your 'ace in the hole'. Simply contact us, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can, to help you crush your audition! You'll receive your edited copy within the same day (24 hours).

*All information shared stays between The Voxernauts and the sharer.


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Self Tape Info

We'll get back to you soon!


Career Check-Up

Feeling stuck or maybe  unsure of what your next move should be with your career? It could be that you want to kick-start a new branch of the industry. The Voxernauts can help you save money, resources, and most of all-time.


Are you focusing on crushing it in On-Camera and Film? Perhaps getting started, or leveling up in Voice Over Acting. Have questions about creating a career path in Motion and Performance Capture, Action Acting, or locking down an Agent or Manager to help you make your dreams a reality?... 

This is what The Voxernauts do! Sign up for a

Career Consultation Check-Up, and let's get to work!


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