"Intro to Performance Capture" - with Jason Linere White

"Intro to Performance Capture" - with Jason Linere White


Thursday, August 29th 7pm-10pm


*Performance Capture (Motion, Facial, Vocal Echoing) is an extremely small, and lucrative niche of the entertainment industry, which actors receive auditions within it's medium all the time, yet the majority don't feel confident in their knowledge of the genre. Come cultivate, learn the terminology, and workout like a pro, to stay in tip-top-audition ready form, once these opportunities arise! 

Actors will be given digital characters to bring to life on the spot, in REAL TIME, while wearing a facial capture rig set up, and juggle their performance, direction implementation, and knowledge of the medium. Then, they'll perform their performance a second time, incorporating their movements and nuances.

Come learn what you don't know, and feel confidant once any audition comes your way!


*Limit 10 Participants. 

*This is a Workout, not a Class.

Jason Linere

Always in constant movement, be it in social media, workout groups, ADR, teaching martial arts, getting 3D scanned to bring digital humans to life, or speaking at VO conferences - it’s no wonder that Jason has been referred to as the “Jackie Chan” of acting. Starting out as an on-camera childhood actor in Los Angeles, he quickly understood how to breakdown scripts, and find the “heart” of the story. Jason believes the reason is… The "inner-city." 

Growing up in multiple rough neighborhoods, and experiencing hardships at a levity different than most, he taught himself to utilize these raw emotions to bring characters he would audition for, to life. With a smile on his face, and a cartoon version of himself everywhere, he’s known throughout the VO community to be genuine and reliable. His rare ability to translate “director language” into “actor language” is a skill that he has helped others to cultivate.

Jason's talent can be heard in countless video games, national college spots, and currently as the voice of "Scrubby" of Johnson and Johnson's - "Scrubbing Bubbles", as well as the national voice of Lids Sports apparel brand.

Check out Jason's website: https://www.actorjasonlinerewhite.com/